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Who says posing has to be hard?

The Posemasters: Guidelines + Tips delivers quick win training to give amateurs and professional portrait photographers the posing tools they need, all in just 8 minutes.

If you are struggling with the technical know-how of posing clients, aren’t sure how to fix a pose if it doesn’t look right, or freeze up when moving from pose to pose – this video will give you a head start at getting back to the basics and building your toolkit. And did we mention the confidence boost you'll receive as well? There's that too!

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Hi, I'm Carrie!


A badass portrait photographer on a mission to show people their badass-ness and introduce them to their next-level self


Posing is my jam. Seriously. It is my absolute genius zone. It is why my portraits look the way they do. I have been a professional portrait photographer for over 17 years and I am a master at posing and coaching my clients into the most flattering poses for them. I am great at mentoring and coaching photographers - not only at posing, but what to look for in finessing their posing technique. It's time for me to share what I know!