Get To Know Me


Carrie Roseman.

That’s my name.

It took me a long time to realize the importance of saying my last name after my first when introducing myself. It was a process of realizing my own worth and that I wasn’t just Carrie; my last name was worth knowing, worth saying, worth remembering. I dared to be important in my own life and take a stand for myself. By treating myself with love and respect, I was teaching others how to treat me.

Seventeen years ago I said dueces to Connecticut and moved to NYC on a mission to change my life and find myself. I used the excuse of going back to school (FIT, an awesome art school) to do so. It was a guise that I knew may or may not work out, but hey, I’ve always been fairly risk averse and a fly-the-plane-as-you-build-it kind of girl.

Discovery: jewelry design was not for me. Pivot: be a fashion photographer - BUT - I had zero idea about how to network or make connections. Fast forward five years to me saying, “I’ll never move back to Connecticut and become a wedding photographer.” Never say never: I moved back to CT and became a wedding photographer. Five years ago, I said sayonara to shooting weddings to pursue portraits full time. Today: back to my photographic roots and loving every second of it, photographing awesome humans who both value their authenticity and dare to take up space.

What Photographers Are Saying

Nidhi Tokas Dahiya

Photographer friends, if you want to learn rock solid posing to flatter your subject, check out my awesome friend Carrie Roseman's posing course! She breaks it down so nicely and her instructions are easy to follow. While I consider myself great at posing, It was great to add new tips and tricks to my arsenal. Check out her course!







Kate Holt

Carrie’s posing course is exactly what a new photographer needs to learn and understand the nuances of posing, and what a seasoned pro needs to refresh their memory and learn some new tips and tricks! Carrie uses herself to model the poses which is incredibly helpful and a good reminder for us to practice the poses ourselves to master showing them to our own clients. Carrie is passionate about getting the best out of her clients and her infectious enthusiasm makes the course even better. I loved that she has the course so well organized that it is easy to go back and find the exact segments that you need if you want to review any particular aspect. I also really enjoyed watching her work with one of her own clients. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to step up their portrait game!

Shalista Anderson

Carrie's videos are excellent. She does a superb job is demonstrating the poses while also explaining why the directions are necessary and why a certain position is more flattering. Her personality also sparkles, so I really know that she works well with her clients, which also shows in her work! Carrie definitely knows her posing and I learned so much from her course!